All consignments are now paused due to Covid 19 as of March, 2020.

We seek to have new, nearly new, name brand or high quality items. Most important is unique. We sell everything from designer items to basic and vintage items. Items that are dirty, well worn, damaged or counterfeit will not be accepted. For a full run down of our consignment policies stop by the store!


Please, before bringing in any items, make sure that they are ready to sell. This means that your items are clean, pressed damage free, stain free and free of any odors (including but not limited to smoke, pet, and body odor) Counterfeit or Fake designer items will not be accepted Please consider the style of the item. If it isn't something that you would give to a friend, don't bring it in. Please refrain from bringing in clothing that isn't in season. If it is winter we aren't looking for summer dresses. We do not accept pre-worn undergarments or hosiery. We welcome items new with tags.

Wish List:

·    Women’s and Men’s Fall Items

·    Women's Light Sweaters/Jackets (Sizes Large and Up)

·    Men's Clothing( Size 2X and up)

·    Women's Large Purses  

·    Women’s Jeans (Skinny) Especially Sizes 14-18

·    Women's Flat Boots

·    Plus Sized Clothing ( 2x and above )

·    Designer Purses (Authentic)

·    Women’s Accessories (Jewelry, Scarves, Etc)

These items should be in season, unique, new 
and/or name brand. 

We are not looking for basic items at this time ( T shirts, 
oxford shirts, suits, basic slacks, undergarments etc)